RIP M-BONE Check out the latest video from Cali Swagg District

Today is the day we celebrate the home going of one of our talented young brothers from the Inglewood/Los Angeles Area  M-Bone (member of the recording group Cali Swag District).One year ago today M-bone was shot and killed in front of a local liquor store just after he was leaving a friends house near by.He was known for his creativity and swagg on the dance floor and being a huge part in making the "dougie" one of the most popular dances of our generation.He  always kept  a positive attitude and had the ability to make anyone around him laugh.M-Bone is loved and respected throughout the Los Angeles Area and will be sadly missed by all of his pears.we send our prayers to mother and family. RIP M-Bone

Ps .Teach all the angels how to Dougie


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