R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman | Let It Rain Basketball Scene

Let it Rain!

The world lost one of it’s finest actors and the Knicks lost one of their biggest fans today. Philip Seymour Hoffman — last seen in the Hunger Games sequel — was found dead, at the age of 46, in his apartment from an apparent drug overdose.

Although I saw many films with Hoffman before 1997, it was in 97 when I saw Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and Todd Solondz’ Happiness, and that’s when I became a huge Hoffman fan.

For the next decade, he continued to flourish with bigger and more challenging roles. And in 2005, he was given an Oscar for his amazing portrayal of writer Truman Capote in Capote. Hoffman was also nominated three times for supporting roles and probably should have been nominated for a couple of other films, such as The Savages.

The following are my favorite performances (Not “Best” performances and not favorite or best films) by Hoffman and to justify the existence of this post on a site dedicated mainly to basketball, I included (above) the one redeeming scene from the 2004 comedy Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller.

  1.  Capote
  2.  Happiness
  3.  The Master
  4.  Mission Impossible 3
  5.  Magnolia
  6.  Punch Drunk Love
  7.  Boogie Nights
  8.  MoneyBall
  9.  25th Hour
  10.  Before the Devil Know’s Your Dead

Below are some memorable scenes with the actor that I am truly going to miss seeing in future films.




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