Robert Horry Doesn’t think the Lakers will make it to the Finals

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Robert Horry

NBA ambassador Robert Horry is in India conducting clinics and promoting some NBA events like the NBA3x (hey I know the bum that ran the NBA3x games this summer in the US really really well and we at Ball is Life loved the experience so much we are launching our own 3on3 event called Indoor3on3. Sorry shameless bragging and promoting is over).

When Big Shot Bob was asked about the Lakers this upcoming season he had an answer that might shock a few

“I don’t think the Lakers are going to be in the NBA Finals, despite Howard and Nash. To go deep into the play-offs, you need a strong bench, not just a great starting line-up. I still believe (last year’s runner-up) Oklahoma City Thunder are the favourites in the Western Conference, and (champions) Miami of course have just gotten stronger with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.

You pick up history and you’ll see the bench that outplays its opponents usually wins”

So true Robert but your finals picks aren’t as clutch as your finals shots.

In other Robert Horry news, his Rehab Center in Houston Texas was just acquired by University General Health Systems.  The new Robert Horry Sports Rehab Center website was launched on Monday and I wont shamelessly brag about the guy that made it either but I know that bum really really well too.

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