Robert Horry on Arabian Golf TV talks golf, rings and Kobe Bryant

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I must say I was pretty surprised at the style and music of this video interview with Robert Horry by Arabian Golf TV.   I’m not going to stereotype (I lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years) and say I was expecting classical Arbabic music or some Bitfakkar Fi Eih playing while they interviewed the “Lord of the Rings” but I wasn’t expecting the hip hop beat.

When asked about where he would rank his former teammate Kobe Bryant he said Kobe would be in the top 10 of all-time and it would be hard to find a flaw in his game.  That’s a little nicer than his comments earlier in the year when he spoke with the LA Times.

When Kobe is on the weak side, he needs to start paying attention to where the ball is and not be flying around, thinking he’s some stealth bomber where he can get steals nonstop

When Horry isn’t travelling the world as an NBA ambassador, or hanging in Houston at the Horry Sports Rehab Center (shameless plug), he’s covering the Lakers as an analyst for Time Warner Cable SportsNet and has often been criticized for saying what’s on his mind but what’s on his mind is usually what’s on the mind of most unbiased Laker fans.


Kobe celebrates with Horry

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