Rockets Beat Thunder, Troll Russell Westbrook After His Latest Triple-Double

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Travel or just a bunch of legal steps since the ball was in the air?

Whether or not you think these seven-steps by MVP candidate Russell Westbrook against the Rockets on Sunday were legal, it doesn’t matter. According to the Rockets twitter account, neither did Westbrook’s 36th triple-double of the season (39 points, 11 boards, 13 assists). After the 137-125 win, the Rockets twitter account posted an edit of Drake’s “More life” cover with a pic of Harden with the words “More Wins.” They also changed the explicit lyric sticker to “2016-17 MVP” and “A playlist by October firm” to “Triple-doubles are just a number.”

After the MVP performance (22 points &  12 assists), Coach Mike D’Antonio praised the unselfishness of Harden.

“He could’ve easily gotten 40 points and he could’ve just kept on going,” coach D’Antoni said. “But he knew these guys were going and threw the ball their way. He just plays the game the way it should be played.”