Rockets offering Lin up to $30mil when they could’ve had him for about $1mil

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Kevin McHale Jeremy Lin

It was last year when I was sitting in an almost empty Toyota center watching the Rockets have an open practice for the fans and there was unknown Jeremy Lin being taught how to do the Macarena dance.  Out of the 200 or so fans in the crowd it seemed like the majority were Asian males cheering for Lin.  I was thinking the Rockets better sign this guy even if he never plays just because of the large Asian community in Houston.  Well, a few weeks later Lin is cut and a few months later Linsanity hit the world.  1 year later the Rockets want Lin back and what may be the most expensive buy back in history, the Rockets are offering Lin a reported 4 year $30 million deal.

I’m pretty sure the Rockets could of signed Lin last year near the league min and since he probably would of never of blown up they could of kept resigning him for $1-2 million.  Thankfully that didn’t happen, Lin gave us one of hte best sports stories ever and now he’s being compensated (maybe overcompensated) for it.


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