Rockets tie NBA record for 3 pointers – Warriors foul to prevent them from breaking record

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I was offered 3 free tickets 2 hours before the game but due to not so exciting previously made obligations I had to decline.  I wasn’t feeling too bad because the only thing I was excited about was watching Klay Thompson continue his hot streak since I have him starting in my fantasy team.

What I ended up missing was a Rockets 140-109 beatdown on the Warriors and a controversial end that saw the Warriors intentionally fouling Rocket bench players (Patrick Beverly) to prevent them from setting a NBA record for 3 pointers.

”We’re not going to lay down,” ”If you’re going to try to get the record, we’re going to stop it.” – Mark Jackson

Not only did Jackson’s Warriors not “lay down” they were willing to lay out the Rocket players to “stop it.”  With less than half a minute left in the game, Patrick Beverly was the victim of a flagrant 2 foul courtesy of Draymond Green.  Green was ejected but the flagrant was just an appetizer as Beverly was intentionally fouled on the next 2 plays.  The crowd was upset but coach McHale didn’t seemed to bothered by it.

“Mark didn’t want it to happen and fouled and I didn’t have no problem with how they played. Mark’s got to coach his team. I have no problem with that. … We started off the game just on fire from the 3-point line and kinda stayed that way the whole night. That doesn’t happen very often.”

It doesn’t happen very often and it figures the chance I have to see something that doesn’t happen very often I have to decline the chance.  As for the red hot Klay Thompson, he finished with 6 points against the flaming hot Rockets.

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