Rockets trade Chase Budinger to TWolves | Now have 3 top 20 picks in Draft

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Chase Budinger

The Rockets traded fan favorite Chase Budinger to the TWolves for the 18th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.  The Rockets now have the 14, 15 and 18th pick but they don't plan on keeping any of them.  The buzz is they want to go after a superstar, especially if there's any All NBA Centers that are unhappy playing in Orlando that wants to go to New Jersey and wont resign with a team like the Rockets if he gets traded there, but i'm not sure if there's anybody that fits that description unless they happen to be a corny big crybaby with a lot of baby mommas that's trying to follow Shaq's career path but is always and will always be a step below.

For those that aren't familiar with Chase, he's the guy that tried to re enact White Men Can't Jump with Puff Daddy at the Slam Dunk Contest this year that was won by a guy you probably can't remember.


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