Ron Artest III vs Shareef O'Neal Part 2 Gets Upstaged By Game Winning 3 Pointer!!

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Ron Artest III Ira Lee Shareef O'Neal

This was supposed to be Shareef O'Neal vs Ron Artest III part 2. It turned out to be the Ira Lee vs Ron Artest III and then....after Crossroads sunk 3 clutch ft's with only seconds remaining, Jason Meraban calmly waited in the corner and fired away. Boom, 3-pointer at the buzzer, crowd rushes the court in one of the best finishes to a game we've been to this year.

Ira Lee was the driving force for Crossroads and as you can see from the game, he ignited the crowd quite a bit with his dunks and skill set down low. He even threw in some left hand baby hook shots. What caught my eye the most though...was when he had "The Block" in the first half. If you don't know much about the block, just check out this post that our lead writer David did a while back - Link