Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Surprises Mom With a New Home on Her Birthday

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Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

One of the best feelings in the world is when you are able to financially provide for yourself and show your parents the appreciation they deserve by giving them a gift as a thank you for all the hard work and money they spent on you to get you to the point you are now and for making you the man or woman you are today. Last Friday night, Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was able to that when he, his brother and uncle surprised his mother on her birthday with a new home.


When I told the woman who owned the house why we were buying it, she cried. Being a mom, she understood what it meant more than us guys do. It was an emotional moment, and then she said, “We can make this happen.” They even bought my mom a cake!

We had a lot of our close family and friends and relatives at the house to surprise her. My sister was driving my mom to the house, and we told her to just knock on the door and ask for one of your friends.

The realtor opened the door and said, “Oh, who are you looking for?” When my mom said the name, the realtor said, “Oh, OK, come in.” Then everyone popped out and said, “Surprise!” and me and my brother had the cake, and she just started crying. To actually be able to show her the house and stuff on her birthday, it was a dream come true. It was a blessing.

His mother said it was the best birthday ever and I’m sure those words made it one of the best days of Jefferson’s life.

Instead of worrying about where your mom is going, what she’s doing, it puts you at ease knowing she has a place of her own, and that she has somewhere to lay her head at night. It’s pretty special.