Rondo Fan Stabs Another During Crowd Fight at Celtics/Grizzlies Game

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Ball is life but Ball is NOT LIFE!  Luckily for the Rondo fan who was stabbed, yes stabbed, at Wednesday’s game between the Celtics and Grizzlies game, he has “non-life threatening injuries.”

Here’s what supposedly went down according to a “tipster” via DeadSpin

So the Celtics game is winding down. In the section next to us, some typical pill bros are getting more and more rowdy. The guys start yelling at each other for a minute and I decide to film.

One dude gives the other the finger (oh no) and it looks like he flicks something at him, beer? This pissed off the other white trash dude.

While this is happening, the Celtics just went ahead with a minute or so left. The place is going wild, so no one really notices the escalation. Then the dude pulls out a knife. You can hear the knife in the video. At the same other dudes start fighting each other and even at one point a girl is punching someone in the head. People are tumbling down the stairs.

Towards the end of the video you can see the knife guy in the corner darting across sections to sneak away.

Celtics win

Hopefully these idiots are arrested and why are they wearing Rondo jersey anyway?  Shouldn’t they be wearing Paul Pierce jerseys instead (I know that joke probably went over the line).