Rondo gets a triple double & fakes out Elliot Williams with a behind the back fake pass

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Rajon Rondo Elliot Williams

The current king of triple doubles and behind the back fake moves added another victim to his list last night – Elliot Williams of the 76ers.  Rondo gave Williams a behind the back fake pass at the 3 point line and then drove in for a sweet reverse layup.  It was 2 of his 11 points to go with his 11 boards and 16 assists.

Unfortunately for Rondo and the Celtics, the 76ers were able to add Boston to their short list of victims this season with a 111-102 win. Philly has won 2 of it’s last 4 games since tying the NBA record for longest losing streak.

“We’re on a roll!” Philadelphia coach Brett Brown with a smile. “I’m just so proud of their ability to play as a team and continue to do the right thing and have a true desire to get better.”



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