Rookie Dejounte Murray Scores Career-High 24, Even Tried To Steal Rebounds From Teammates

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Can the rookie Murray’s get some more PT? I’m talking about Denver’s Jamal Murray and San Antonio’s Dejounte Murray. During Thursday night’s game between the Nuggets and Spurs, Jamal put up 13 in 26 minutes off the bench while former Ballislife All-American Dejounte got the start and became the youngest player in franchise history to score 24 points as he scored a career-high 24 in 34 minutes. The 20-year old future star connected on 7 of 11 shots, 3 of 5 from downtown and all 7 of his free-throws.

“I feel like I had a rhythm the whole game,” Murray said. “I was confident even before coach told me I was starting. I always stay ready. I just went out and my teammates when they heard I was starting they cheered me up and tried to keep my confidence high.”

He also chipped in with 2 assists, 2 boards and even tried to steal a board from one of those cheering veteran teammates.

“The guy gets every shot and then he’s trying to take all the rebounds, too,” Said a joking David Lee, who had 10 points and game-high 16 rebounds. “I was like,`Come on, rook, know your place.’ He played an unbelievable game tonight.”

Unfortunately for Lee, he wasn’t able to do anything about the other Murray and these two points.

Back to Dejounte, his previous high in points came in his last game, when he scored 10 points in 10 minutes vs the Lakers. His 34 points over his last two games is 9 more than his total output in December and just 9 points less than his total points over the first 17 games of his career.

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It’s only  a matter of time until people realize how much of a steal he was in the draft, how exciting his game is and why we called him “Baby Jamal Crawford” in high school.