2015 Slam Magazine: Rookies Most Likely Too…


One of my favorite features in Slam Magazine is the annual “Rookies Most Likely to…” and this year’s list might be my favorite of all-time since it features 2 former Ballislife All-Americans (Stanley Johnson & Kelly Oubre) and mighty Joe Young who is from my town of H-Town and came by our last All-American game along with Johnson & Oubre.

For the most part, I agree with these selections, especially the “Date a Kardashian” pick since we already have pics of D’Angelo getting to know Kendall Jenner at the Power 106 celeb game – don’t do it D’Angelo, the Lakers need you!


The best thing about these lists is showing them to the players years later. Last year, I pulled out a 15 year old copy of Slam Magazine (when they used to have the writers names next to each selection) and showed Jamal Crawford how a few people had him down as “most likely to lead the league in turnovers” and “wish he never left school.”  His response was “this might hurt my feelings again”, “I got the last laugh”, and “I’m going to find these guys.”

You can go to the 15:30 mark of this video to watch Jamal see the list for the first time in 14 years.

And here’s a “Rookies Most Likely Too” list from the 96 class – pretty good picks by Russ with the exception of the Ray Allen fading into obscurity(!).


Back to this year’s crop of rookies, here’s my favorite video featuring the future All-Stars and Kardashian boyfriends: a dramatic reading of Drake lyrics.