Roscoe Johnson SHATTERS Backboard On 360 Dunk!

Check out the least talked about best dunker in the world, Roscoe Johnson, shattering a backboard during a Harlem Wizards game.

The first time we ever got to see Roscoe Johnson was at the 2009 NBA/Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown in Washington D.C. where he was the clear cut winner but got robbed thanks to text message voting aka who has more friends in the stands and who’s friends can text as many votes in 5 minutes.

A couple of years later, the showdown returned to D.C. where we got to see Roscoe Johnson go up against Zach “Jonsey” Jones in one of the better contests of the event’s history.

The Showdown tour is dead but you can still catch Roscoe travelling with the Wizards and breaking backboards like this one.


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