Roy Hibbert blocks 7 shots including a Jason Maxiell dunk attempt

On Open Court last night, the panel played the infamous “Who He Play For” game where Charles Barkley has to name what NBA team “lesser known” players for.  One of the players that came up was Jason Maxiell and if you didn’t know who he played for before last night you will probably know after watching highlights from the first night of the new season.  Maxiell’s dunk attempt against the Pacers turned into 1 of Roy Hibbert’s 7 blocks. 

Hibbert’s shot blocking must have been contagious because David West had a career high 5 and Indiana set a home record with 18.

Unfortunately Hibbert went down late in the 4th quarter with a knee injury but should be available for the Pacer’s next block party against the Pelicans.



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