Roy Hibbert blocks Melo’s dunk attempt & future advertising revenue

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Roy Hibbert’s nightmare inducing block on Melo’s dunk attempt in the 4th quarter of GM6 didn’t just represent the elimination of the Knicks in the Playoffs but it also represented the loss of lots of advertising dollars.  As a basketball fan, you can’t be that mad at seeing Paul George and the Pacers going against LeBron and the Knicks but if you were David Stern, TNT, ESPN and ABC you are a mad at the possible millions in ad revenue that will disappear quicker than some of the Knicks in the playoffs when a big market city like NY is eliminated.

Over on the west we have San Antonio and Memphis playing which is extremely disappointing for brands since they have invested so much money in players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Kobe and Dwight.  So no superstars, no Dwight Howard, but we have Roy Hibbert and that’s a funny center who is playing well and playing well with his teammates and those are foreign to Dwight Howard.


Below is a video of Hibbert showing the feelings of some marketing guy hearing about the Pacers advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals instead of the Knicks.

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