Rubio & Andrew Wiggins connect on their first alley-oop

Like most first times, it seemed memorable at the moment and the day after but after it's done a few more (maybe hundred) times you will realize that the first wasn't that special.

Rubio and Wiggins hooked up on alley-oop for the first time at the Target Center and I'm seeing people talking about it like it was so "sick" and "crazy" but honestly it wasn't that special and at the end of the season when a rookie mix is made of Wiggins, this dunk wont even make the cut.

Don't get me wrong it was nice seeing the cherry popped but I can't wait for the next time and time after and after and you get the point.

Experienced Corey Brewer also got some action last night but nobody seemed to care because we have seen him do it so many times including that nasty facial on Derek Fisher.


Rubio also tried to get into the highlights with some solo action but the highlights are just better when atleast 2 people are in it.


I just can't wait until Zach LaVine joins the threesome for some upcoming videos. LaVine arguably had a better night than Wiggins. In just 22 minutes, he scored 15 points on 6 of 11 shooting while Wiggins only scored 11 on 5-10 shooting in 30 minutes.  Anthony Bennett also had a decent night (amazing compared to most of his games last season) with 13 and 8 in 25 minutes of PT.