Rudy Gay Slaps DeMarcus Cousins in the Head and Lives!

Team USA Camp ends with a bang in Las Vegas @boogiecousins @rudygay8

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What's more suprising than hearing DeMarcus Cousins scored 91 points in a game? How about hearing somebody slapped Boogie and lived to tell about it? The slap happened at yesterday's USA practice and it was just a playful one from teammate Rudy Gay who gave Boogie a funny stare down afterwards.

Now if Boogie would have turned around and saw Charles Barkley (the two aren't on each other's Christmas list) then we would had a very different story. Same goes for Jonas Valanciunas who almost got knocked out by Boogie during a Team USA game last summer.

But that's all in the past. Here's the more mature NBA All-Star's full interview.

Source: Sean Cunningham