Russell Westbrook 22pts, 11rebs, 7asts & 1 nasty/sick/filthy dunk vs the Pistons

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Down by 2 points with 1.1 seconds left, Detroit’s Josh Smith decided to go for the win by taking a 3-pointer.

“Obviously, I was going for the win, or I wouldn’t have shot a 3,” Smith said. “I had a great look, but it just didn’t go down.”

Normally this would be the un-wise decision of the game Smith would be remembered for but it was actually about 6 minutes earlier when he made the un-wise decision of trying to block a dunk that Russell Westbrook threw down – which Smith also got a great look at – that most basketball fans will be taking about the day after.

To go with his monster dunk, Westbrook finished the game with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.


Every time Westbrook does something this awesome this season I’m going to spam everybody with the best song ever made about Russell: Russell Westbrook on a Farm by Lil Dicky!