Russell Westbrook dunks on 7’0 player from Argentina

So what’s Westbrook’s beef with Argentina.  Couple years ago he showed off his hops to Luis Scola and today he reminded Scola of that day by dunking on his 7’0 teammate.

Interesting note.  Keep in mind this is coming from somebody with no issue with Team USA running up scores, celebrating and letting other countries know how good they can be and that I also believe Dream Team 2 was the most dominating USA team ever.  Yes I said ever and yes I watched every single televised Dream Team 1, 2, 3 (most were not shown) and Team USA game of the past couple decades.  When Dream Team 2 was playing around with other countries and choosing how to beat them game by game, the media was trashing the team because of their “behavior” which included a lot of high fiving, dancing and screaming (and 1 ball grab from Kemp which I have a hard time defending).  I’m seeing a lot of this “unacceptable” early 90s behavior from this generations Dream Team and it will be interesting to see how the people and the media respond to it if the trend continues.   Another thing to keep in mind is that the Dream Team 2 marked the emergence of the hip hop generation into basketball post the Magic/Bird era and if VH1 made a point to say in their commercials that they don’t play hip hop then America wasn’t ready to have Shaq, DC, LJ and Kemp representing them even if future Mayor Kevin Johnson and choir boy Mark Price was on the team.  More on this topic later.

For now let’s just watch some Thunder in London again.

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