Russell Westbrook Gets A Silly Tech For Bouncing The Ball Towards A Ref

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Russell Westbrook

Offensive foul? Sure. Technical for bouncing the ball at referee Marat Kogut? Give me a break!

Remember back in January, when Westbrook beamed a ref in the head and said, “I would never, ever disrespect the game like that and throw the ball at the referee. I’ve never done it before. That’s just not even heard of in the game before. To get a tech, it’s crazy to me. But you take the good with the bad.”

Unfortunately for Westbrook, this game was mostly all bad. Besides the tech, he made just 8 of 24 shots (2 for 10 from three) and “only” had 6 boards and 5 assists to go with his 29 points in the 104-89 loss to the Mavs.

He also picked up a flagrant-foul for push on Harrison Barnes later in the third quarter. After the game, the only thing he had to say about either of these incidents is, “It happened. It’s over with.”