Russell Westbrook Has No Chill at USA Camp, Causes Teammates to Crack Up For Being So Aggressive

This is why Kobe Bryant likes Russell Westbrook so much. During a Kobe interview earlier in the year, Bryant told Ahmad Rashad he likes Westbrooks because "he plays mean like I did with an aggression."  That aggression isn't just against opponents in a game, Westbrook plays with that same intensity even in practice against his own coaches.

During the USA practice yesterday, associate head coach Monty Williams saw that aggresion first hand and told him "It's a non-contact camp."

Westbrook replied "I don't want to hear that shit!"

The match-up and back and forth between Westbrook and Williams had LeBron and Carmelo cracking up on the sidelines (5:50 mark).


Apparently Westbrook's intensity stuck with Durant who later told reporters "I'm just trying to go out there and not get cussed out by Russell Westbrook."