Russell Westbrook Hilariously Denies Saying “Thank You Kyrie”

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Kyrie. Jamie. They sound the same right?

After a video of Russell Westbrook yelling “Thank you (Kyrie or Jamie?)” in practice, which took place after Kyrie Irving hit a game-winner against the Golden State Warriors, went viral, Thunder beat writer Fred Katz asked KD’s former teammate about the shout out. A meme-worthy looking Westbrook hilariously denied giving the Cavs guard a shout out: “What? Fuck do I look like man. For real”

Westbrook, who didn’t know about the Thunder tweeting out the video in question, then said, “I would never say no other man’s name like that” and explained he was shouting out the daughter of the trainer in the video, named Jamie.

Kyrie. Jamie. I believe him. I also believe he was a little happy to see Kyrie Irving hit that game winner against Durant and the Warriors.

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