Russell Westbrook Interview With Graham Bensinger, "Kevin Durant Works Harder Than Me"

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Note: This interview was from 2015 but released online July 31st, 2016

Graham Bensinger sits down with Russell Westbrook for a great in-depth conversation about media criticism, being private, his confidence (not cockiness), playing mad, losing his best friend Khelcey Bars, fan loyalty and then-teammate Kevin Durant.

"He's one of the nicest and most unselfish guys I have met," Westbrook on KD. "He's always a guy willing to give up anything he has to help myself or his teammates. He's obviously one of the best players in the world but I think as a person, that's what makes him more likable and makes me like him even more."

When asked what makes KD so special, Westbrook raved about his work ethic.

"A lot of things. He's 6'10, he's able to do whatever he wants at anytime but I think his work ethic, I think he works probably harder than anyone I've seen other than myself, but he works harder than me."

A shocked Bensinger interrupted with a, "Really! You think he works harder than you?"

Westbrook responded by talking about the time KD never taking rests in the off-season and the work he puts into practice.

"He put work in and it shows. I see it everyday, every single day, he does the same thing, doesn't stop regardless if he won MVP or had 60 the night before."

His comments on Durant will be the trending topic for the day but hopefully everybody watches the full must-see interview.