Russell Westbrook Leaves Kevin Durant Hanging, gets monster triple double vs Suns

Remember earlier in the month when Jeremy Lamb got the death stare from Russell Westbrook for snubbing him of some dap?  Well, last night Westrbrook played the part of Lamb when he missed KD and left him hanging in the 3rd quarter. Westbrook actually missed a lot of things during the OT loss last night, like 26 out of 38 shots and 9 out of 10 3-point attempts.

“Honestly, I think I was actually shooting too much,” Westbrook said. “I think I got to do a better job of trusting my teammates more. I am not saying I don’t, but consistently trusting them regardless of what is going on, regardless of the time, score and possession. Just find a way to trust them and let them make some plays as well.”

He still finished with a monster stat line of 38 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists and has been on a hot streak that’s as impressive as any in recent memory – a streak with 3 triple doubles, 3 40 point games and a career-high 17 assist game just this month.

Now that deserves a high-five…but just don’t get mad if he misses you.