Russell Westbrook Postgame Interview After Tying Oscar Robertson’s Triple-Double Record

Oscar Robertson wanted Russell Westbrook to break his 55-year old triple-double record and on Tuesday, Westbrook tied the Big O by racking up 12 points, 13 boards and 13 assists in just 27 minutes against the Bucks.

Here’s what he had to say about the accomplishment.

“It’s one of those nights, a special night, and something I definitely will never forget. I’m just truly honored to do it here, especially in Oklahoma City.

“An honor to just be mentioned in a conversation with Oscar Robertson, the different things he did for the game of basketball to allow me to play the game today.

“It’s something that I could never dream about growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles. I never dreamed about a moment like this, to be able to be on this stage.”

Westbrook only needs 16 total assists in the next five games to become the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double. Considering he’s averaging 10.4  a game, 16 shouldn’t be a problem. And unless he goes scoreless in those games and James Harden starts putting up Wilt scoring numbers, Westbrook will also finish the season as the league’s leading scorer.