Russell Westbrook Pushes Mavs For Interrupting His Pregame Dance, KD Calls It “Fake $#it”

Earlier this year, the Mavs’ Charlie Vilanueva was ejected for putting his hands on Russell Westbrook’s neck after Westbrook and JJ Barea got into a little pushing altercation, which also resulted in Westbrook’s ejection. KD then took over the game and put up 29 and 10 as the Thunder beat the Mavs by 19.

On Monday, before the game even started, Charlie V was trying to get under Westbrook’s skin again by walking in the middle of his pregame dance routine with Cameron Payne. An annoyed Westbrook pushed Vilanueva out of the way and finished his routine before giving Justin Anderson a little get-off-me move.

Unlike that game back in January, KD struggled to make a shot (7 of 33 shooting) and the Mavs came away with a 1 point victory after Steve Adams game-winning tip was called off.

Westbrook (8-22 fg) was asked about Vilanueva’s antics after the game, which was answered with a “that’s fake shit” response from KD.  Westbrook then added “that’s for the guys that don’t play.”