Russell Westbrook makes his return against the Suns | Durant lets him be introduced last

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Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant has been the last person introduced in the starting lineups since he entered the league but he wanted Russell Westbrook to be the last person introduced to the surprised 18k+ fans on Sunday night.  Westbrook was returning from a torn meniscus that happened during OKC's 1st round of the playoffs earlier this year and it didn't take long for him to establish himself in the game.  He scored the team's first points and finished with 21 and 7 assists.  He struggled a bit from the field making 5 of his 16 shots but made a living at the free throw line (11-14).

"It was alright, it could be better, but that's expected. I didn't expect to come in and be the bionic man." said Westbrook about his conditioning.

He may not be expecting to be bionic man but after watching the Thunder with and without man you can make a good case that he's a very valuable man.





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