Russell Westbrook Had Some Great Postgame Answers After Scoring 49 In Loss To Rockets

The one-man show that is Russell Westbrook almost had as many points (49) against the Rockets as he did words for reporters after the loss.

“He made a good pass,” on the Rockets’ final possession.

“It’s great. That’s what sports are all about,” on going against James Harden.

“Some balance,” on his own hot shooting.

“I enjoy playing every night,” on playing against Patrick Beverley.

He did have a few more words when asked about his final three-point shot, which would have given the Thunder a three point lead with 2.9 seconds left in regulation.

“Did you see what happened?” Replied Westbrook, who finished with a career-high eight 3-pointers. “There’s nothing to take you through. I missed the shot.”

If you haven’t seen the missed shot, you can go to the 8:28 mark of the following video to see it.

Also worth mentioning about Westbrook’s impressive performance against his former teammate and main MVP competitor, is it was the most points scored against the Rockets since Corey Brewer did it back in 2014 and it was also the first time Westbrook ever had 40 points in three quarter.