Russell Westbrook with a monster triple double (17/17/15), lucky dunk miss/make & awkward post game interview

I think everybody  will have their own favorite Westbrook moment from last night’s OKC win over the Warriors. My personal favorite came after the game when Westbrook told a writer for The Oklahoman that he doesn’t like him and answered almost every question with “we did a good job of executing.”

Well he and they did.

Westbrook finished the game with an insane triple double composed of 17 points, a career-high 17 assists and 15 boards.  Throw in 4 steals and a 3-pointer and you have fantasy gold.

“I thought Russell was all over the floor,” Brooks said. “I thought there was two of him out there, the way he was rebounding and moving our offense forward.”

Durant, who had an impressive 36 of his own, explained why Russ didn’t sound too excited after the game.

“I don’t want to downplay his performance, but Russ can do that whenever,” Durant said. “He doesn’t really get too excited over great games because he has so many of them. It was a tremendous game, I think, as far as controlling it, playing defense, rebounding.”

Russ can downplay it but I wont. Only 7 players in the last 30 years have had 15/15/15 games and that company includes Rondo, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  He was so great last night that even missed shots got lucky bounces.

Now here’s 6 minutes of Westbrook doing a great job of “executing.”