S.K.Y. Streetball takes on China’s best ballers – Crazy dunks by Guy Dupuy, JusFly, Roscoe

When the And1 Mixtape tour and ESPN show “Streetball” ended in 2007, the players went in different directions and formed and joined new teams including Ball4Real,  94Inc, And1 Live and our partners Ballup.  One organization that doesn’t get as much attention but is doing it real big  is S.K.Y. Streetball. They mainly focus on international events, especially China, with their partners Voit, Shemgod and Gatorade (w/ DWade).   The lineup over the years has included many of the best usual suspects from Air up There to Hot Sauce to Pat Da Roc to T-Dub and this past summer they put on some great AllStar games China taking on China’s best streetballers.

This summer’s linup included Hot Sauce, Silk, 8th Wonder, JusFly, Guy Dupuy, Helicoptor, Spyda and Roscoe J.
You can read more about the tour at http://skynolimit.net/



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