Sacramento Kings fans set Guinness World Record last night for being the loudest (and best)

Before the Kings landed Chris Webber and Jason Williams in the late 90s, the Kings were rarely ever on television and despite having some talented players like the L-Train, the Wizard and arguably the  most underrated player of the decade, Mitch Richmond, people outside of the cowbell kingdom just assumed nobody cared about the franchise.  We couldn't have been more wrong, because the Sacramento Kings games were almost guaranteed sellouts every game during every season and the fans have been known to be the loudest, maybe the best, in the league.

This loudness was on full display when the Kings did become one of the best and most exciting teams in the league when they started running and gunning with the lineup of Webber, White Chocolate, Divac and Peja under Rick Adelman and Pete Carril.  Coaches and staff from opposing teams visiting Arco Arena in the playoffs would often wear earplugs to avoid hearing damage from the yelling and cowbells.  One of those coaches was Phil Jackson and if it wasn't for his dynasty Lakers with Shaq & Kobe, those Kings probably would have been the Kings with Championship rings for a few seasons.

It's been a decade since those glory days and despite not having much success since,  the almost moved franchise still has the loudest fans in the league.  Last night, in their only game on national television for the year, the fans set a Guinness World Record multiple times during the game with the highest being 122.6 decibels.  The most amazing thing about this accomplishment was the ESPN broadcasted game was against the Pistons.

So congrats to the best basketball fans in the NBA and congrats to my favorite NBA MC in the league Scott Freshour.  We had the pleasure of working with him for a couple of summers and just look at the pics below and tell me this guy isn't awesome.






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