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It’s no secret that the market for sneakers is incredibly large these days. So much so that the average Joe can drop out of school, drop whatever he’s doing and make a living by reselling exclusive kicks. It’s also not a secret that Drake is perhaps the biggest name in music right now, if not, definitely in the hip-hop genre. So when the multi-platinum artist and newest member of Jordan came together with the brand to create what is now the most sought after pair of sneakers in quite some time, it’s pretty big news in the world of shoes. In the Raptor’s latest promo, “Drake Night,” where they honored the rapper as their global ambassador and gave out exclusive OVO t-shirts, Drizzy himself gave out two pairs of sample AJ X’s OVO edition during halftime, the same ones Drake was wearing that night. Since there’s only been some select photos of OVO edition Jordan X’s and XII’s released, it’s a big deal. So, what do you do if you just received a pair of what are, at the moment, some of the rarest kicks on the market? You throw them up on eBay, ASAP, duh.

And that’s exactly what the seller did. At a starting price of only $300, you could start bidding on these beauties. However, three days and some change into the bidding process now $300 is as good as 3 bucks compared to what the price is at now. As it stands with a little more than three days left until bidding ends, with 154 bids in place, the kicks are valued at $100,000. That’s not a typo. That’s six figures and more than the Yeezy’s went for when they were at $90,000. How did it start? Well, the lady that received them Saturday night when the Raptors played the Nets received them from Drake himself to which he told her, “These are definitely not going to fit you. But hopefully you can give them to somebody or keep them as a keepsake.”………. Right. While the owner had them for almost a whole two days, the limited edition sneakers went up on eBay at 6:37 p.m. ET on Monday and in about four hours had already climbed to over $2,000. From there, checking the bid history, you can see that it look a little more than an hours time to raise the price on these to almost $70,000. The most baffling part about this is that these shoes have the potential to sell for more than Michael Jordan’s actual game worn shoes that he signed. Hold on… They’re not just game worn. They’re the G.O.A.T’s Flu Game XII’s. Not only are we dealing with Jordan’s, but the man who made them iconic, in one of his most memorable games, with his own signature on them. And non-autographed Drake edition Jordan Xs (of lesser quality than original Xs) are on the verge of selling for more than that. Let that sink in.

Ballislife | Drake AJ X eBay

I’m sure you can think of 100,000 better things to do with $100,000 which makes the price all that more remarkable for a pair of shoes. But if you have $100,000 to spend on shoes, I don’t know if I should be giving you a speech about priorities or if you should be giving me a speech about success along with some financial advice. Either way, we still don’t know if this is by any chance a scam or if the winner will even pay, but with 154 bids so far, you have to imagine someone will pay just to have these early. It hasn’t even been announced when or if these will drop so having them could be a gift and a curse. For the sake of the buyer, if they decide to wear them, I hope they’re around 6’8″ maybe 250 all muscle and possibly have body guards. Because if people have killed in the past for Jordan’s when there were thousand’s in stock, there’s no doubt that someone will have thoughts of targeting someone with a shoe this hyped and limited. Word of advice, whoever the lucky winner is, keep them in the box until you know it’s safe to wear them. Don’t rock them to 7-Elevn to fill your car up or to Walmart to grab some groceries.

It’s unclear when Drake’s line of J’s will be launching, but we can imagine sometime in September to possibly counter Kanye West’s line launching with Adidas. If not then, maybe October. After all, he is October’s Very Own, but this is all just speculation. If you can’t wait that long and have some extra coin in your bank account, go ahead and make a bid for them. Good luck!





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