White High School Kids Can't Jump..and break backboards in games. Can they?

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Rex Chapman Brent Barry Tom Chambers

Check out Saratoga Springs' Noah Arciero breaking stereotypes and backboards in a game earlier this week.

Obviously the stereotype of white people not being able to jump has been broken for over a decade with Brent Barry winning a dunk contest and over 2 decades if you want to go back to the days of Rex Chapman and Tom Chambers but people still love to play around with the stereotype so I'll go with it too especially since I'm adding the backboard twist to it.  Well that doesn't work either because the first NBA player to break a backboard was actor/Celtic/white guy Chuck Conners in 1946.

Oh well, back to the game.  It was just 1:31 seconds into the game between Saratoga and Ballston Spa with Saratoga leading 6-3,  when the 6'5" Noah stole the ball and threw down a (kind of weak looking) 2 hand dunk that ended up breaking the rim.

School employees spent 10 minutes trying to fix the rim before the refs called the game and told everybody that paid up to $10 to watch 10 points scored to go home.


AR-140119593 (1)

Source: Saratogian & Bleacher Report


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