Ealy Bell’s amazing game winning turnaround 3 pointer off a missed free throw | Heights vs Southeast

Another day another amazing finish to a high school game.  Yesterday we showed you a team come back by 25 and hit a running 3 pointer to force OT and another game where a potential game winner got stuck on top of the rim that forced OT.   But overtime wasn’t in the books for the Heights and Southeast game.

Semaj Hervey was at the free throw line with 2.8 left and the opportunity to win the game by swishing the “freebie.”  He missed the free throw but his teammate Ealy Bell chased down the ball and threw up a turnaround 3 pointer that went off the glass and in just like he expected.

“I practice trick shots all the time,” Bell said. “Fading away, just throwing it up there is no problem for me. I saw the backboard when I turned and that’s all I needed.”

As crazy and as cocky as it sounds, his teammate that missed the free throw sounded just as confident in Bell’s HORSE skills.

“And the crazy thing about it,” Hervey said, “is that Ealy was practicing that turnaround, fadeaway shot all week.”

When asked how many times Bell hit it, Hervey said with a smile.

“He hit it every single time.”

Well, I doubt that, but he did make it last night for the 65-62 win over Southeast and it felt like redemption for him since earlier in the season he missed two free throws late in a game that they lost.



Source: Varsity Kansas |  Photo by Travis Heying/The Wichita Eagle



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