Scottie Pippen Says 96 Bulls Would Sweep Warriors, He Would Hold Curry To Under 20

On Saturday, I watched Scottie Pippen put smiles on hundreds of faces while signing autographs for over an hour at the NCAA Fan Fest in Houston. I’m sure this video of Pippen will have the opposite effect and probably piss off thousands of NBA fans, in particular Steph Curry and Warriors fans, who actually believe this year’s Warriors are as good as MJ & Pippen’s 95 Bulls.

“Bulls in 4.” Replies the Bulls great when asked how a series between this year’s Warriors and his 72-10 Bulls would play out.

“You guys don’t take one night off, go out a little bit, and give them one?” Asks interviewer Paul Pabst.

“Nah, I don’t think we’ll take a night off.” Says a smiling Pippen.

I have a feeling these words from the 6 x champion is going to make more noise than the time he said he was “LeBron before LeBron,” “LeBron would kick MJ’s ass” and when he beat up a guy for reportedly “mouthing off at his wife” combined.

Personally, I wouldn’t bet a penny on the Bulls sweeping a team like the Warriors, especially since the Sonics got two wins on them in the Finals, but I would bet my Michael Jordan memorabilia collection on not only the Bulls that season, but Penny and Shaq’s Orlando Magic team to beat this season’s Warriors. I actually believe that Orlando Magic team (which I had the pleasure of discussing with Penny Hardaway on Friday and is the focus on an upcoming 30 for 30) would give the Warriors more trouble than the Bulls.

Pabst also asked Pip about him and MJ in their prime playing against Klay and Steph. Pippen responded by saying MJ would guard Klay and he could keep Steph under 20….I have a feeling the internet is about to go off on the Bulls legend harder than Shaq did last year.