Scottie Pippen tells Harden and Barkley that he’s the greatest Chicago Bull of All-Time | Foot Locker Ad

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One piece of advice vets always tell young guys is when you have a bad game you need to forget about it and move on.  To do this you need to have “a short memory.”  Atleast that’s what Charles Barkley told James Harden in this new Foot Locker commercial.  When James questioned Barkley about having a short memory, Barkley pointed out that all the greats have it including Scottie Pippen.  Then the ad cuts to Pippen who says “I sure do and I’m the greatest Chicago Bull of all-time.”

Obviously Pippen doesn’t feel that way, even if he did supposedly once tell Alonzo Mourning that “LeBron would kick MJ’s ass” and that LeBron might be the “greatest player ever” while Jordan was the “best scorer ever.”


Regardless of how really feels about Jordan and if his memory is as bad as Lenny’s in Memento, Pippen is one of the all-time greats and 2nd to only Jordan when it comes to the Chicago Bulls.






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