Getting High With Sir Issac White (See Man Fly in 360°)

"I show out when I show up" - Sir Issac

Vice Sports and Reebok came down to Houston last month to follow "H-Town's Finest Dunker" Sir Issac White around for a couple of days. During their tour of the city, they got to watch Issac train in the gym and on the streets and witness firsthand the physical beauty of the dunk. But what they probably weren't expecting to learn about was the mental aspect of the art of dunking and how the poverty-stricken streets of Issac's childhood helped make him such a mentally tough person.

Here's his story and when you are done watching the video, be sure to check out the following one which utilizes YouTube's new interactive  360° technology.

FYI, if you couldn't tell, the rim IS NOT 10 feet tall (it's about 9.5) but it was the best place for filming that day/night.  But don't think Issac has any issues with 10 foot goals.