Serge Ibaka Rejects Zach LaVine’s Dunk Attempt

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Zach LaVine Serge Ibaka

Zach LaVine is without a doubt the best contest dunker in the NBA right now, but surprisingly those hops haven’t led to any game posters in the NBA yet.  Shocking right? Well, last night against OKC, Zach had an opportunity to get that first poster when he went up for a 1 hand dunk on Serge Ibaka. Unfortunately, instead of a dunk of a night candidate from Zach, we ended up with a block of the night candidate from Serge.

Zach had a tough time with his other shots too and only connected on 2 of 11 for the game. I expect him to bounce back in the next and it’s only a matter of time until his bounce starts leading to some poster dunks.

Until then, let’s just watch this again.