Serge "no suspension" Ibaka blocks Dwight Howard's dunk | Players Tweet about Ibaka

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A few days ago, Serge Ibaka hit Blake Griffin (intentionally?) in the groin and received a slap on the wrist in the form of a fine while Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace and DWade were handed suspensions and bigger fines for what many, including NBA players, felt were similar actions.  Everybody from LeBron to Wade have been tweeting about the light punishment.

Last night,  Metta World Peace and another dunk champion, Dwight Howard, were in town to face Ibaka and the Thunder.  Dwight played like he had a groin injury and fouled out with six points but before fouling out he did attempt one poster dunk on Ibaka which was slapped a lot harder than the wrist slap the league gave Ibaka.



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