Seth Curry Catches Fire In Dallas Home Debut, While Harrison Barnes Struggled To Make A Shot

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Harrison Barnes

Many Dallas Maverick fans tuned into the Mavs and Hornets game to watch their new $94-million man Harrison Barnes make his home debut on Monday. The former Warrior finished with more fouls (4) than points (3) and connected on just 1 of 10 shots from the field and 1 of 4 from 3.

“I got a lot of good looks and I’m confident I’ll make those shots going forward,” Barnes said after the game. “We’ll continue to get more comfortable with each other, and it’ll look better. For me, it’s going to be about being aggressive whenever the opportunity arises.”

Opportunity is something Barnes former teammates’ brother, Seth Curry, is taking advantage of. Curry, who came to Dallas at the bargain price of 2-years $6 million, followed up his 12 point Mavs debut with a game-high 20 points on 7 of 13 from the field and 5 of 6 from 3. 13 of those 20 points came during a 5-minute stretch in the 3rd quarter.

After the game, Coach Carlisle talked about Curry’s shooting and praised his effort on defense.

“He can get it going quick,” Carlisle said. “And he’s gearing up his posture and disposition on defense. He’s been picked on [defensively] for a couple years and I’ve talked to him a lot about it. He’s making a stronger stand defensively, and I think he’s going to keep getting stronger.”

Stronger and better.

I think this is a good time to dig up this clip of Boogie and Seth from last season.

Source: Dallas News