Shabazz Muhammad Dunked On Kevin Durant, NBA Doesn't Want To Admit It was KD

If you have follow the NBA YouTube channel then you have seen recent video titles like these: Gasol Gives Bazemore a Dunkalicious Slam, Jonas Valanciunas Jams on Thaddeus Young, Hassan Whiteside Throws It Down on Kristaps Porzingis, Jordan Clarkson Jams on Alex Len, etc, etc, so and so dunked on a non All-Star.

On friday night, Bad Azz Shabazz Muhammad completed an and-1 dunk over Kevin Durant and this is the title the NBA YT channel gave us: Shabazz Muhammad Throws Down The Hammer.


Here's the most like responses to the video.

"On KD"
"....ON Kevin Durant. Put that on the title NBA."
"NBA left out "on Durant" in the title smh"
"What's up with the title"
"NBA too scared to taint KD image so they didn't write his name in the title"
"KD fanboys be like: it wasn't a poster"

But the NBA has no issue putting a defenders name in the title when KD dunks on them.

OH WAIT! HOLD UP! I found this NBA video from 2013. I wonder if the title creator was fired.