Shannon Brown’s Top 10 Dunks | LetShannonDunk Revisted

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DeMar DeRozan


It’s been almost four years since the launch of the LetShannonDunk campaign by Shannon Brown’s agent. The campaign, which included a cool website and Youtube channel, was a success because it helped get the high-flying Laker into the NBA dunk contest. Unfortunately, Brown’s performance was a complete FAIL.

Since then, the “LetPlayersNameDunk” phrase has lived on, most recently by James White and the clothing brand K1X, and used every time a group of people wants a “non-NBA superstar” in the NBA dunk contest. We even created our campaign LetDemarDunk in 2009 to get DeMar DeRozan into the dunk contest. Unlike Shannon and James, DeMar didn’t disappoint — he was cheated by the judges.

Back to Brown, thanks to video editors like Nicklas Fransson, who was willing to go through thousands of hours of footage to compile 100 dunks (video has been removed by YouTube) by him, we can understand why people wanted to see Shannon dunk in the first place. And if 100 is overkill, then enjoy this shorter video.

We can’t talk about Shannon Brown and dunking without showing his greatest miss and his high school performance against LeBron James who we will never see dunk in a contest again.

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 1 NBANasty

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