Shaq Cracks Up After Charles Barkley Says “WTF, What The Hell”

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Charles Barkley Shaquille O’Neal

Charles Barkley has had some great quotes in the past few days: from saying the “watered down league” is the worst he’s ever seen it to asking Dwight Howard “why don’t you think people like you?” But on Wednesday night’s episode of Inside The NBA, Barkley had one of his best WTF moments ever when he said “WTF – What the hell.”

The acronym fail had Shaq cracking up as if Barkley was doing his impersonation of fat women in San Antonio eating Churros.

I guess we should give Chuck some props for not cursing on live TV, since he does have a history of making the producers of the show nervous with unexpected bombs – sometimes directed at them.

Now that’s a WTF moment!

And here’s Chuck practicing the last letter in WTF.