Shaq Jokingly Goes Into A Rage After Hearing LeBron James Passed Him On The Scoring List

It should have been a night of celebration for LeBron James. The 32-year old put up 26 points, 10 boards, 8 assists against Chicago and put Shaquille O’Neal on the list of NBA legends (Hakeem Olajuwon, Elvin Hayes, the late Moses Malone) he has passed on the NBA all-time scoring list this season. Unfortunately, his accomplishment came in a loss, the third loss in a row for the Cavs and 10th of the month. A loss that had some Cavs fans acting like Shaq when he heard the news from former teammate Dennis Scott that former teammate LeBron is now 7th on the scoring list.

The destructive Shaq was obviously joking and just reminding people of the acting skills he showed in classics like ‘Kazaam,’ ‘Steel (which is 10 times worse than Kazaam),’ and the underrated ‘Blue Chips.’

With that said, Shaq has repeatedly said he wish he could have stayed healthier in the 90s — he played 60 or less games for four straight seasons — so he could have been higher on the list. If he would have played 80 games during those seasons while averaging just 25 points, he would have had 2,650 more points (31,246), good enough to be ahead of #6 Dirk (30,181) #5 Wilt (31,149) and not far behind #4 Jordan (32,292).

Oh well, I’m sure the most dominant big man ever can’t be too mad with his resume, which includes four NBA championships and this statue.


After praising Shaq, LeBron says, “I could care less about passing him, it means absolutely nothing.”