Shaq narrates new NBA2k15 trailer “What If”

What if Durant was the #1 pick by the Blazers instead of Greg Oden? What if the Pistons would have drafted Melo instead of the Serbian Gangster. What if Jordan, Wilt and Bird played on the same team?  What if Shaq and Kobe would have stayed together? Those are some of the questions asked by Shaq in the new “What If?” commercial advertising the MyTeam mode in NBA2k15.

About the MJ, Bird and Wilt question.  Did you know in 1990, Wilt, at the age of 50, was offered a contract by the Nets? So even if you didn’t bend time and assembled players from different eras, a Big 3 of MJ, Bird and Wilt in the 80s would be pretty awesome. Actually you could probably put a 40 year old Wilt with a college Bird and teenage Jordan and still have a dominant team.


As for the Durant question, I guess the draft would look like this.

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