Shaq on Inside The NBA says his Orlando Magic had 17 Days Off before playing Rockets in finals

Usually it’s easy to tell when Shaq is joking but when he said he had “17 days off” before his Orlando Magic played the Houston Rockets he looked dead serious.  The best part of the video is the obvious shock on everyone’s face as they were trying to think how that was possible.

In case you missed it, Shaq recently earned his PHD (congrats) but in all those credit hours and classes none of them will tell you that 2 = 17.


Exactly how wrong was Shaq – Let’s find out…

– Unless Shaq was taking a veiled shot at the Pacers – the Magic beat Jordan’s Bulls in 6 games in the Eastern semis in a series that ended May 18th. They then played a 7 game sseries with the Pacers, obviously winning 4 games to 3. That series ended on a Sunday (June 4th) in Orlando, they started their finals series with Houston that Wednesday, June 7th. – that’s two, count ’em two off days.

– Shaq claimed they beat the Rockets 3 straight times. He must be talking about the regular season, since Orlando has never beaten Houston in the playoffs…ever. But even in the regular season, that statement is still bogus. They obviously didn’t play 3 times during the regular season, but the Magic did win both games that season. However, they didn’t win the final game between them the previous season, so even that is off base.

Awesome that it was Charles – who is the only player in studio wth no titles – uttered the “not when it counted” line to Shaq.

Eat it, Shaq.



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