Shaq on Why He Told His Son To Study Anthony Davis’ Game & Why AD Will Dominate The League

Back in August, Shaq created some buzz when he spoke to the Wall Street Journal about how soft the league is today (he also called his era soft) and how young stars like Anthony Davis would just be “barbecue chicken” in the post for him.

During a quick interview with Shaq, who was in Baton Rouge for his annual LSU Life Skills Golf Classic, he backed up his statements about Davis but then explained how AD will dominate the NBA because there’s “only 3 legitimate centers you can name.”


‘It’s nothing personal. It’s just a competitive question. I see a guy that don’t have the meat that I got, that’s barbecue chicken for me. In this era now there are only three legitimate centers you can name – Dwight (Howard), Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan. DeAndre is only dunking. Dwight is only faking left and going right. Marc is the only one you have to worry about. When I was coming up, I still had to go through Kevin Duckworth, Rik Smits, Robert Parish, Alonzo Morning, Hakeem (Olajuwon), (Patrick) Ewing. Davis really don’t have to play against anybody. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh now. He’s going to dominate.”

He also said he told his son, Shareef, to study AD’s game.

”I told him to watch Anthony because he’s probably going to be the same height and have the same type of build,” said O’Neal. ”Not skinny, but long.

”He’s (Davis) probably the best at that position. He can run, rebound, dominate take over games. He’s going to do his thing this year.”

Shareef is a sophomore at Windward School in LA and has already received offers from UCLA and USC.