Shaquille O’Neal becomes a minority owner of the Sacramento “Queens” – What’s the big deal?!

Yes, Shaq is the reason why many people still call the Sacramento Kings the “Queens.”  Yes, Shaq took away Webber’s best chances of winning a NBA championship.  Yes, Shaq’s rendition of the Cheer’s theme song dedicated to Vlade Divac is one of the funniest “owned” responses ever in sports. Yes, all of this took place over a decade ago when Shaq was the most dominant and, as Kobe would say, “supernatural,” force in the NBA.

It’s now 2013 and Dr O’Neal  is in the process of becoming a minority owner of the franchise that once hated him more than any other player in the league and for some reason a lot of people have an issue with it.

About these people, I wonder if they are the type to hold grudges at their 10 year high school reunion?  Are they the type that gets upset at people that mature, evolve and change over time?  Are they they type that gets upset at smart business people that know how to separate family/friends from business?  I can tell you a lot of stories about “loyal” athletes that didn’t know the difference and are now broke.   I can also tell you about a guy that Forbes magazine recently interviewed that earned close to $300 million (pre taxes) over 19 seasons and has never spent a penny of it – his name is Shaq.

Back to those people that are holding on to opinions from 2002.  Do you realize how much in basketball has changed since that year.  Just in 2002, we saw Michael Jordan become a Wizard. The Grizzlies and Hornets moved to Memphis and New Orleans. The NBA was still on NBC. Jayson Williams was also on NBC and not the NBC news for murder.

As for music, people couldn’t stop talking about the next great rapper named 50 Cent.  When is the last time you got excited about a 50 Cent song? Jay-Z put out a horrible duet album with R Kelly. Aren’t you glad he gave the duet album thing another try. People lucky enough to have a brand new IPOD was filling up their lil 5GB of memory with more Lil Jon songs than Lil Wayne songs. When is the last time you listened to Lil Jon yell “yeeeaaah” on your Ipod?

So the ex Laker wants to be a part of the Sacramento Kings. So what, it’s not like the ex Laker wanted to be a part of the Celtics or play with the King….


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